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Endotine MidfaceEndotine Midface

The ENDOTINE Midface ST is a resorbable soft tissue fixation system that enables you to perform a midface lift both reliably and quickly.

Utilising MicroAire's patented multipoint technology, The ENDOTINE Midface ST allows you to elevate the mid-facial tissue and add volume for true rejuvenation of the midface.

A midface lift with the ENDOTINE Midface ST can take as little as 45 minutes to perform and is usually completed by making one small incision in the temporal region and perhaps one intra-oral incision so visible scarring is minimal.

Ordering codes are below and for more information on how the Endotine Midface is used just click here for operative technique.


Ordering Code

CFD-060-0197 ENDOTINE Midface ST


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