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The LipoFilter™ is a large-volume (3 litre), dual-chamber, fat harvesting and separation system, designed to maintain high cell viability. The LipoFilter™ offers an innovative approach to filtering adipose tissue using a trouble-free, disposable canister employing a buoyancy-filtration system.

Before you purchase an expensive and complicated system costing tens of thousands of pounds, ask your sales rep for a demonstration of the LipoFilter™.

It’s affordable, it’s simple and it works.

LipoFilter Logo Black

LipoFilter 3000

Made entirely of high-strength polycarbonate Lexan® (the same material used in helmets, high-performance windscreens and bullet-resistant windows), The LipoFilter™ uses advanced technology to maintain high cell viability, while also offering simple assembly and intuitive operation.

A vent-tube allows easy filling with prewash fluid prior to harvesting, and then complete evacuation of fluids after separation is achieved. The vent system also protects fat cells from unnecessary G-forces that occur with other devices during fluid evacuation.

The LipoFilter™ uses a buoyancy-filtration system to separate fluids from adipose tissue. Live fat cells behave much like floating balloons that rise naturally and quickly to the top; while the damaged, emulsified cells behave like leaking balloons that remain trapped in the solution for a longer time and rise slowly, if at all. These damaged cells are not useful in fat transfer and are easily filtered as waste by the LipoFilter™, which separates up to 97% of the fluid from the fat mass when operated properly.

Advantages of the LipoFilter