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The ENDOTINE Ribbon allows you to sculpt the lower face and jawline with ease and to rejuvenate the neck without the need to perform a full face lift. Utilising MicroAire's patented Multipoint technology, the ENDOTINE Ribbon provides holding strength that is far superior to that provided by individual sutures.

Neck and jowl lifting with the ENDOTINE Ribbon have become known as the ribbon lift and they allow you to elevate the lower face and tighten the neck in a minimally invasive fashion.

Although the ribbon lift procedures can be performed with limited incisions, they should not be confused with thread lifts and the like that invlolve little or no dissection and rely solely on mechanical fixation to maintain the elevation. As with all ENDOTINE devices, the ribbon is a surgical tool and for it to be successful, dissection planes must be created as it is the readherance of these planes which will maintain tissue elevation once the ribbon devices have been resorbed.



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