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Endotine MidfaceEndotine Midface Operative Tecnhique

Typically you will make an incision about 2.5cm long behind the hairline in the temporal region down to the deep temporal fascia.

You should then dissect along this plane creating a tunnel down to the zygomatic arch. At this point you should penetrate the periosteum and perform a subperiosteal dissection of the zygoma. Click here for a close up of the dissection plane.

At this stage, many surgeons like to make an incision in the mouth in the region of the canine fossa. From here you can release the lower facial tissue subperiosteally. It is important to fully release the connections to the masseter in order to achieve full mobility of the midface. once the cheek is released, this pocket and the first temporal pocket should be joined to create a single pocket.

The ENDOTINE Midface ST can now be introduced through the temporal incision. The platform of the device should be positioned in such a way that it sits below the maxillary antrum once the cheek has been lifted.

The intraoral incision can also aid in device placement and tine engagement.

Before applying tension to the device and lifting the midface, it is a good idea to close the intraoral incision if one has been used as if this is left open, the facial tissues can distort when performing the lift and the result can look odd.

Elevation of the midface is achieved by applying tension to the anchoring leash which should be protruding through the temporal incision. Once the desired amount of elevation and the right aesthetic result have been achieved, the leash is sutured to the deep temporal fascia with a strong suture such as a 2-0 PDS. The wound is then closed using your normal technique.


Endotine Midface Procedure Steps


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