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PAL LipoSculptor

MicroAire’s PAL® LipoSculptor™ is the only US-patented liposuction instrument using a reciprocating motion (rather than rotating) to facilitate the movement of the cannula within tissue.  This innovation reduces the amount of manual force and physical effort required to perform lipoplasty, especially in areas with fibrous tissue.  The result is a more comfortable experience for both the surgeon and the patient.

Unlike ultrasonic and laser lipoplasty devices, the PAL® LipoSculptor™ does not use heat, so there are no concerns for the accidental burning that can occur with other systems.

Comments from the inventor of PAL Liposuction, Professor Peter G. Mozsary M.D., PhD.

As a plastic surgeon specialised in the face and neck region, I have designed the PAL system according to the following principles:


PAL LipoSculptor

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LioSculptor WandAn ergonomic manual handpiece for sensitive areas such as the neck and back.

Compatible with all LipoSculptor™ cannulas.




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