Brow Lifting with the ENDOTINE Forehead

In order to perform a brow lift with the ENDOTINE Forehead device you will first need to select the device that is most suitable for your patient. Device options are explained below.

Next, perform your usual sub-periosteal dissection of the brow. This is commonly done by making either three or five small incisions around 3cm behind the hairline. One in the midline, two paramedian incisions and sometimes one at each temple.

Once the brow has been released you will need to mark out where to drill the holes which will house the devices. The holes will be drilled towards the posterior end of the paramedian incisions. A good way to work out the ideal hole position is to elevate the brow to its desired post-op position. With the brow elevated, mark a spot on the skull at the anterior end of the incision. This is where you will drill. Now let the brow fall back to its natural position. You will see that the mark you made on the skull is now somewhere between the middle and the back of the incision. This will make the drill site easily accessible and will also ensure that when the device is placed and the brow is elevated, the tines will be under undamaged tissue.

Once the drill position is marked the hole can be drilled using the ENDOTINE Forehead drill bit. This bit will create a hole that is the correct size to lock the anchoring post in place. It also has a stop on it to ensure you don't drill too deep.

Once the hole is drilled, the device is picked up on the insertion tool and is placed into the hole by applying firm pressure. The flanges on the anchoring post will lock the device in place and frequently a popping sound can be heard as this happens.

Once the device is placed, the brow tissue can be elevated and hooked onto the tines. The tissue is held onto the tines by applying downward pressure which causes the tines to puncture the periosteum and galea and holds the tissue firmly in place.

The incisions can be then closed using your standard technique.

Forehead Procedure Steps

For guidance on device selection please click here or for information on instrumentation requirements please click here.

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