Instrumentation Requirements

The instrumentation requirements for use of the ENDOTINE devices are small over and above what you will have on hand.

You will however need access to a low speed drill, preferably a manual drill, as well as a set of periosteal elevators and if you are using the ENDOTINE or Ultratine Forehead devices, you will also need the ENDOTINE Forehead instrument kit. This is a small kit comprising an insertion tool, two drill bits and a sterilising tray. If you are using the Endotine Triple, you will not need this instrument kit as the Triple is packed with a sterile single use drill bit and is pre-loaded on its own insertion tool.


Endotine Forehead Instrument Kit MicroAire Manual Surgical Drill
Endotine Forehead Instrument Kit MicroAire Manual Surgical Drill


Ordering Codes

22202 ENDOTINE Forehead 3.0 (pair)
22102 ENDOTINE Forehead 3.5 (pair)
CFD-010-0167 ENDOTINE Triple
23202 Ultratine Forehead 3.0 (pair)
23102 Ultratine Forehead 3.5 (pair)
CFD-010-4320 ENDOTINE Forehead Instrument Kit
CFD-010-4313 ENDOTINE Forehead Drill Bit
CFD-899-4000 MicroAire Manual Surgical Drill


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