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The Endotine Ribbon has been on sale Internationally for over 5 years and has been written up in many journals. A selection of these are shown below.


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An Original Application of the Endotine Ribbon Device for Brow Lift
Michele Pascali, Alessandro Gualdi, Davide J. Bottini, Chiara Botti, Giovanni Botti, Valerio Cervelli,
A Novel Bioabsorbable Device for Facial Suspension and Rejuvenation
P. Daniel Knott, MD; James Newman, MD; Gregory S. Keller, MD; David B. Apfelberg, MD
Simultaneous Correction of Hard- and Soft-Tissue Facial Asymmetry: Combination of Orthognathic Surgery and Face Lift Using a Resorbable Fixation Device
Jin-Young Choi, Jae-Pyong Choi, Yong-Kwon Lee, and Seung-Hak Baek,



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