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Evaluation of MicroAire Tissue Collection Method on Adipose Tissue and ADRCs
Based upon the analyses of fat graft and ADRC generation presented here, use of MicroAire power assisted lipoaspiration appears to disrupt adipose tissue more than syringe based tissue harvest.
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Comparison of Cells Isolated from Fat PAL vs SAL
Compares the viability, quality and quantity of Adipose stem/stromal fraction cells (ADSCs) derived from fat tissue obtained using PAL or SAL methods on the same patient.
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Survey Extracts Surgeons’ Preferences on Liposuction
Results published in the February Issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal
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Skin Accommodation using MicroAire’s PAL LipoSculptor™
A synopsis of “Power-Assisted Lipoplasty (PAL) vs. Traditional Lipoplasty:
Quantification and Comparison of Skin Tightening and Retraction”
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Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) vs. Traditional Liposuction:
“Quantification and Comparison of Tissue Shrinkage And Tightening”
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Beauty’s Best PAL
Jodi Thiessen spoke with surgeons on both coasts, who have been using this popular technique of fat removal since it’s inception.
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