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StromaCell™ is a single-use collection and centrifugation canister, used for the rapid preparation of an autologous nucleated cell concentrate from a sample of lipoaspirate at the patient’s point of care.

StromaCell™ was developed by MicroAire Aesthetics to provide surgeons with an affordable and simple method for concentrating nucleated cells from adipose tissue without enzymatic digestion. For many years, researchers and physicians have known that it’s possible to obtain a viable and therapeutic stromal-vascular fraction (SVF) from adipose tissue merely by centrifuging the tissue.1, 2

The problem was extracting only the precise layer of concentrated nucleated cells from within the tube after centrifugation. Until now, a cannula had to be inserted down into the density stacked tissue in the tube to manually remove the desired layers, involving fuss, mess and guesswork

StromaCell™ was created to solve this problem. Simply put, StromaCell™ is a well-designed and patent pending new type of centrifuge canister, in which the concentrated nucleated cells are isolated inside of a special chamber for easy extraction directly into a Luer syringe.

The single-use canister maintains a closed and sterile environment to collect up to 500ml of lipoaspirate, inline, during a typical liposuction case. The collected tissue is spun at 1000xg for ten minutes to concentrate the nucleated cells at proportions of approximately 2,500 mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) per ml of lipoaspirate input. So with 500ml of collected lipoaspirate, the average yield from one StromaCell™ canister is more than one million MSCs.3 The nucleated cells are suspended in 15ml of tumescent fluid inside the special chamber, and ready to be withdrawn directly into a syringe.

When used in combination with the PAL® system and its patented reciprocating cannula, StromaCell™ collects lipoaspirate that is rich in free-floating MSCs. This means that the yield of nucleated cells is the same whether you fill the canister with lipoaspirate and adipose tissue, or with only the aspirated tumescent fluid. So stop throwing away those valuable cells! Now there is an easy and affordable way to collect them using StromaCell™.

Unlike other products that use collagenase-based enzymatic digestion (a process that faces regulatory challenges in the United States), StromaCell™ uses no enzymes to collect and concentrate nucleated cells from lipoaspirate. StromaCell™ uses only autologous tissue at the patient’s point-of-care, with minimal manipulation. The process is simple, affordable and fast.

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    Data on file.

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