Microaire PAL


Patient Testimonials

"It was fast and easy, the picture was also very clear."
Christine H, New Orleans, LA, USA.

"Definitely enhanced my consultation."
Louise M, Dallas, TX, USA.

I have chosen to go up in size and the imaging helped me ensure my upcoming results."
Jennifer H, Dallas, TX, USA

"I think it gave me a more realistic view before surgery."
Anonymous, Murray, UT, USA.

"I loved this machine! It helped me to determine which size looked best on me."
Jacqueline M, Dallas, TX, USA.

"Thanks for having this machine. I wanted to go big and Axis Three really helped in defining my size."
Anonymous, Murray, UT, USA.

"I think this is amazing technology. Thank you so much. It helped me make a better decision."
Dana S, Murray, UT, USA.

"Dr. Haupt was more money but he was the best and had the best simulator."
Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

"I scheduled the surgery because of Axis Three."
Anonymous, Murray, UT, USA.


Axis Three Stats

To learn more about Axis Three's products or to see the system in actiion, send an e-mail to mail@advantechsurgical.com or call 0845 130 5866.